Month: December 2022

Myth vs. Fact: Common Areas of Confusion About Insurance Adjusters

Myth: “I can’t afford a public adjuster” The numbers speak for themselves. In a report published by Florida’s own Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, “policyholders who hired public adjusters to settle claims after hurricanes in 2005 received payments that were 747% higher than those who didn’t.”  With statistics like that, the question […]
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There are three types of insurance adjusters – here’s why knowing the difference matters

The term “insurance adjuster” may not be foreign, but knowing what an insurance adjuster actually does is something that many are unclear about. In the wake of Hurricane Ian, South Florida residents are having to become well-versed in the different aspects and roles within the insurance industry. Whether it was you personally that experienced damage […]
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“We’re praying our insurance company agrees we need a new roof after Hurricane Ian” – Homeowners: do this instead

These are the kinds of real and panicked concerns we as public adjusters are hearing from the community in the wake of Hurricane Ian:  You are not at the mercy of your insurance company to decide the fate of your claim. As the homeowner, you have the legal right to dispute the claims adjuster’s opinion […]
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Roofers, contractors cannot argue your claim in Florida! Know these things before submitting a roof damage claim

In the state of Florida, roofers and contractors are not legally permitted to argue your insurance claim. Why? This is a result of years of problems with unscrupulous roofers making false or exaggerated claims on behalf of and unbeknownst to homeowners in order to get insurance money for big ticket jobs. “Prohibitions against deductible schemes […]
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Fort Myers Public Adjusters Discuss Hurricane Damage Claim Process in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, it is imperative that Fort Myers property owners be knowledgeable about the hurricane damage claims process. As Fort Myers public adjusters, we’ve heard many different reports from homeowners about their experience following the storm. We’ve gotten numerous reports from people stating that someone came to their door with a […]
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