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Aryeh Fraser established Fraser Property & Adjusting in 2009. He specialized in construction and obtained his first significant experience working on the Hurricane Wilma disaster.

He founded the firm as a family-friendly yet highly professional and aggressive consumer advocate team who fights fearlessly on behalf of Florida property owners. Fraser Property and Adjusting aims to ensure our clients get compensated fairly. We pride ourselves on representing and successfully resolving over 10,000 claims for Florida property owners. Fraser Property & Adjusting has one of the highest rates of results per claim, successfully recovering $100 Million for our clients! Not many firms can attest to that. Our firm represents clients with claims that range from national catastrophic events to superficial accidental damage to their homes or properties.

has one of the highest rates of results per claim successfully recovering $100 Million Dollars for our clients! Not many firms can attest to that. Our firm represents clients with claims that range from national catastrophic events to simple accidental damage to their homes or properties.

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ARYEH FRASER President of Fraser Property & Adjusting

Fraser Property and Adjusting was founded in October 2009 by Aryeh Fraser. Aryeh is a military veteran, husband, and father of 3. Aryeh worked as an insurance adjuster and appraiser for several years when he recognized the genuine need that Florida property owners had. Aryeh’s military experience and professional construction and insurance background provided a tremendous foundation for the firm’s clients. Thinking outside the box and addressing all aspects of every claim and client uniquely, Aryeh fought and won over $100M for his clients on their claims. He served as an expert witness at trial in multiple cases and has testified for his clients hundreds of times. Aryeh continues to advocate for Florida property & commercial owners and has obtained, as well as retained, over 10,000 happy clients.

Aryeh Fraser

(Chairman and founder)

License# P174093

Aryeh Fraser - President FPA
Aryeh Fraser – President FPA


MAUDE ALCE-MILES Regional Manager

At Fraser Property & Adjusting, our mission is to become the premier service provider to the property and casualty insurance industry by administering prompt and superior claims handling. Maude Alce-Miles is a devoted mother of four and a loving wife. As the oldest of four siblings, she possesses a natural ability to lead and nurture those around her, both within her family and the workplace. Maude is a proud alumna of the University of Central Florida, where she honed her skills and acquired insurance claim knowledge. In addition to overseeing the marketing team, Maude takes on the critical responsibilities of hiring and training new talent. Her expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, as she holds a notary public designation and an adjuster’s license. Her multifaceted skill set allows her to excel in various aspects of our organization. With Maude on the management team, our company is fortified by her dedication, extensive experience, and remarkable leadership. She personifies the values we hold dear and embodies the qualities that make our team thrive. We are honored to have her as our Regional Manager and look forward to many more years of her invaluable contributions. Our management team will focus on the needs of our customers while supporting and recognizing our employees who pursue our mission.


(Regional Manager)

License #W639242

Fraser Property and Adjusting Maude
Maude Alce-Miles | Regional Manager

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