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Florida Public Adjusters

Florida Public Adjusters

Florida, with its rich history, diverse weather patterns, booming tourism industry, strong economy, and unique lifestyle, is a state that captivates many. From the sunny beaches of Miami to the magical theme parks of Orlando, Florida offers something for everyone. As homeowners in this vibrant state, it’s essential to be aware of the risks and challenges of living in such a dynamic environment. Fraser Property & Adjusting, as public adjusters in Florida, serves locations across the state, providing homeowners with expert assistance in navigating property insurance claims to help protect their homes and investments.

Florida’s Panhandle Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Pensacola, Florida

Public Adjuster in Panama City, Florida

North Central Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Tallahassee, Florida

Public Adjuster in Gainesville, Florida

Public Adjuster in Perry, Florida

Public Adjuster in Keaton Beach, Florida

Northeast Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Jacksonville, Florida

Central West Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters in Tampa, Florida

Public Adjuster in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Public Adjuster in Sarasota, Florida

Central Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Orlando, Florida

Public Adjusters in Saint Lucie, Florida

Southwest Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Fort Myers, Florida

Public Adjuster in Cape Coral, Florida

Public Adjuster in Port Charlotte, Florida

Public Adjuster in Venice, Florida

Public Adjuster in Bonita Springs, Florida

Public Adjuster in Naples, Florida

Public Adjusters in Punta Gorda, Florida

Public Adjusters in Lehigh Acres, FL

Public Adjuster in Englewood, Florida

South Florida’s Public Adjusters

Public Adjuster in Miami, Florida

Public Adjuster in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Public Adjuster in Pembroke Pines

Public Adjuster in Pompano Beach

Public Adjuster in Hialeah, Florida

Public Adjuster in Boca Raton

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Common Claim Types

We handle all types of insurance claims



We assist homeowners overwhelmed by the number of claims during hurricanes, such as wind Damage Claims or tornado damage claims. This ensures that you have someone dedicated to your needs.

The State of Florida and Lehigh Acres are regularly exposed to hurricane incidents, so hurricane insurance is always necessary. With Fraser Public Adjusters, you can have the best team advocating for you, so you get paid exactly what you deserve.



Water claims are the most common kind of daily claim but can often get overlooked.

Many homeowners are unaware of their water and pipe damage coverage and assume that storm or flood damage is minimal or not worth claiming. At Fraser Property and Public Adjusting, your public adjuster will assess the roof damage, review your policy, and let you know your damage claims. Why should you pay for the damage with out-of-pocket money when your insurance policy covers water issues?



Fire damage can be the most devastating of all damage, typically coming as a complete surprise and leaving the homeowner completely helpless; sometimes even homeless and without necessities like clothing.

The claim process and the Florida Laws and statutes typically provide you with all the coverage you need. We provide peace of mind while you piece your life together and build emotional support for you and your family.

You don’t have to deal with any dealings with your insurance company because we handle the whole process for the property damage.



Your home just got vandalized and you’re probably not in the mood to deal with your insurance company. Make sure to file a police report and contact Fraser Property and Adjusting immediately. Your Public Adjuster will do all the work for you and take that additional stress off your back.


Following hurricanes, tornadoes, or other windstorms, the most vulnerable and consequential damage is those to the roof. The roof repair is typically the costliest and damages your sheathing, causes interior leaks on your ceiling and walls, and may damage flooring as well.

Insurance companies may try to minimize your damage or miss some of the damaged areas. Your Public Adjuster will work to include all of the rights you are entitled to so your roof is repaired fully and your home is protected.



Flood damage is not uncommon in Lehigh Acres because our city is prone to hurricanes and heavy storms. Unfortunately, flood damage and flood claims have a unique process since they are typically not covered by your standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

The rules and regulations are different, but your public adjuster at Fraser Property and Adjusting will be there for you to determine when and how to file your claim and how to appeal if necessary.



Do you know that mold builds up after only 24 to 48 hours of flood? Mold damage can be the worst health-related damage to various claims, from flood damage to windstorms and water damage. Mold is a typical outcome in Florida following any of these due to the heat and humidity.

Your public adjuster at Fraser Property and Adjusting will know just how to compensate you for your damage and bring your home back to a healthy environment.



As a business owner, your insurance policy covers more than just paying for the repairs of your building structure. It covers the loss of business income resulting from the damage created.

The process is more complex than your average homeowner’s claim, and you’ll need a Public Adjuster specializing in commercial claims. At Fraser Property and Adjusting, we have the Lehigh Acres Public Adjusters you need.

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A Public Adjuster or Public Insurance Adjuster is your Advocate who handles your Hurricane Insurance Claim for you and you only.

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FPA was truly very professional and courteous in their knowledge of expertise. The staff knew always how our case was going and updated us regularly. We had a major leak from our roof in our office building, causing for employees to work in uncomfortable situations. The Fraser Property team was able to get us what we were owed PLUS MORE. We greatly appreciated to settlement amount which was FAR MORE than what our insurance company sent us originally without their help. Thank you and will highly recommend you to family and friends when needed. 5 Star all the way.



In the space of a month, we had 2 leaks in our home. One in the kitchen and the second in the guest bathroom. Although our insurance company was responsive, we felt pressured to settle right away. We were recommended to Fraser Properties and Adjusting by friends. From start to finish, we could not have felt more supported and informed. There is absolutely no way we could have navigated through all the confusion without the constant support of the staff at Fraser Properties. They handled the 2 water damage claims and were always present when the homeowners insurance company adjuster came out to inspect the damage. The amounts we were awarded with Fraser Properties help was much higher than what we would have received had we settled with the insurance company directly. If you have the misfortune of having to make a claim on your home because of damage, fire, flood, etc., we strongly recommend calling Fraser Properties and Adjusting! You will not regret it.


My mother had a fire in her kitchen and we had many adjusters come by but none were very honest and upfront of about the process. Fraser Public Adjusters came by and told us what was possible and what could happen based on their experience. It has now been a few months and everything has been settled and my mothers kitchen is as beautiful as always. They stayed in contact with us through this process and we are happy we choose to hire a public adjuster and in the future all claims would be our first call.



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