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Public Adjuster in Panama City, Florida

panama-city-public-adjustersFiling an Insurance claim can be overwhelming when disaster strikes and your home is damaged. That’s where public adjusters come in. If you are a homeowner in Panama City, Florida, Fraser Property & Adjusting is here to help. As a trusted public adjusting firm, we represent homeowners in insurance claims. Our team of experienced professionals understands the complexities of insurance policies and will work diligently to ensure you receive a fair and just settlement. Explore the benefits of hiring a public adjuster in Panama City, Florida, and how Fraser Property & Adjusting can assist you in navigating the claims process.

What is a public adjuster, and why do you need one?

    • A Public Adjuster, or Public Insurance Adjuster, is your Advocate who handles your Insurance Claim for you and you only. Accordingly, our only allegiance is to the Homeowners we represent.  The Insurance Adjuster, whether employed directly by the Insurance Company or an Independent Adjuster subcontracted by the Insurance Company, represents the Insurance Company. By using a Public Adjuster, you’re balancing the scale and allowing yourself the same know-how and expertise the insurance company has. Public Adjusting consists of Filing an Initial Insurance Claim for Property Damage that hasn’t been filed. They are, additionally, reopening or supplementing an already opened insurance claim. Secondly, the damage is independently assessed to negotiate and settle the claim.


Hurricane Damage

      • Hurricanes are among the most common and devastating reasons Homeowners hire Public Adjusters. During Hurricanes, Insurance Companies are typically overwhelmed by the number of claims and are short of manpower and resources. It would be best if you had someone dedicated to you, and that’s what we do at Fraser Property and Adjusting as your Public Adjuster. We act as your advocate.

Water Damage

        • Water claims are the most common daily claims, which, for most homeowners, get overlooked. Many Homeowners are unaware of their Water and Pipe Damage coverage and assume that the damages are minimal or not worth claiming. At Fraser Property and Adjusting, your Public Adjuster will assess the damage, review your policy, and let you know your rights.

Fire Damage

        • Fire Damage can be the most devastating of all damages, typically coming as a complete surprise and leaving the Homeowner completely helpless, sometimes homeless, and without necessities like clothing. The provisions your policy provides you and the Florida Laws and statutes typically provide you with all the coverage you need. You’ll need peace of mind to get your life back in order, and the last thing you need is fighting with your Insurance Company. At Fraser Property and Adjusting, we handle every aspect of your claim, so you don’t have to.

Vandalism Damage

        • Your home just got vandalized, and you’re probably not ready to deal with your insurance company. Make sure to file a police report and contact Fraser Property and Adjusting immediately. Your Public Adjuster will do all the work for you and take that additional stress off your back.

Roof Leaks

        • Following Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or other Windstorms, the most vulnerable and consequential damages are those to the roof. Roof repair is typically the most costly and creates consequential damages to your sheathing and interior leaks on your ceiling and walls, and it can also damage the flooring. Insurance Companies may try to minimize your damages or miss some of the damaged areas and your policy’s compensation. Fraser’s Public Adjusters work to include all of the rights you are entitled to.

Flood Damage

        • Flood Damage and Flood Claims have a unique process since they are typically not covered in your standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. The rules and regulations are different, and your Public Adjuster at Fraser Property and Adjusting will be there for you in determining when and how to file your claim and how to appeal if necessary.

Mold Damage

        • Mold Damage can be the worst health-related damage to various claims, from Flood Damage to Windstorm and Water Damage. Mold is a typical outcome in Florida following any of these due to the heat and humidity. Your Public Adjuster at Fraser Property and Adjusting will know how to compensate for your damage and restore your home to a healthy environment.

Loss of Business Income

        • As a Business Owner, your Insurance policy covers more than just paying for the repairs of your building structure. It covers the loss of Business Income resulting from the damages created. The process is more complex than your average Homeowner’s claim, and you’ll need a Public Adjuster specializing in Commercial Claims. At Fraser Property and Adjusting, we have the specialists you need.

Panahandle Public Adjusters

      • Fraser Property and Adjusting has been assisting South Florida homeowners since 2009. Additionally, our public adjusters are highly experienced and trained, and we have a wide range of support and expertise. Here are some of the nearby communities we serve:
        Public Adjuster in Pensacola

Expert Public Adjusters in Panama City

Fraser Property and Adjusting is proud to be active in assisting Panama City with its Insurance Claims. Above all, we are your Panama City Public Adjusters.

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