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Have you suffered Roof Damage from a recent Storm and plan to pay out-of-pocket for your roof repair or replacement along with other repairs?

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Tile Roof Damage
Tile Roof Damage

Roof Damages File Claim

Roof Damage Insurance Claim

You may have already filed an Insurance Claim and were told that:

  • the deductible is too high or below deductible
  • Your damage does not warrant a full roof replacement. 

You never bothered filing a claim since:

  • you can’t deal with the stress,
  • you’re worried that your damages aren’t significant.

Your claim got outright denied due to:

Roof Damage Missing Shingles
Roof Damage Missing Shingles
  • couldn’t find coverable damages
  • lack of evidence,
  • or some misunderstood reason.

At Fraser Property and Adjusting we offer a free consultation and second opinion. We represent the Homeowners, not the Insurance Company. We level the playing field, so you get your own personal Public Adjuster without any upfront costs. We’re so sure about the services that we only get paid if you get paid.

Are any of these circumstances familiar to you?

  • Roof Leaks
  • Shingle Roofs with
      • Missing Shingles
      • Lifted Shingles
      • Creased Shingles
      • Torn Singles
  • Tile Roofs with
      • Broken tiles
      • Loose tiles
      • Cracked tiles
  • Metal Roofs with
      • Popped Screws

Contact Us today 305-945-4030, and we’ll get one of our highly trained professionals to check your roof and review your Insurance policy. It’s not too late to file or reopen your claim, but time is of the essence.

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