Southwest Florida Public Adjusters Discuss Hurricane Damage Claim Process in the Wake of Hurricane Ian

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Fort Myers property owners must be knowledgeable about the hurricane damage claims process.

As Southwest public adjusters, we’ve heard many reports from homeowners about their experience following the storm. We’ve gotten numerous reports stating that someone came to their door with a clipboard and used aggressive tactics to encourage people to sign a form. Be wary of people canvassing the neighborhood and knocking on your doors. Only sign something from someone coming to your door unsolicited. 

The forms they ask you to sign are often AOBs (assignment of benefits). Contractors may also refer to them as “work authorization forms.” By signing this form, you sign the rights, benefits, and the insurance claim check to a third party. 

If you encounter a solicitor promising to handle your Southwest hurricane damage claims:

  • Refrain from getting pressured into signing any contracts on the spot. Reliable companies will respect your need to review and consider your course of action.
  • Take a photo of the form. 
  • Gather the name and company information from the person – including the business license name and insurance license number. 
  • Check the company with the BBB, the Chamber of Commerce, and the NAPR (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters).
  • Contact our Fort Myers public adjuster’s office to ask questions about the process at no cost or obligation to you.

It is critical to know what you’re signing before signing anything. Consult with an attorney or a public adjuster if you are feeling unsure. It would be best to educate yourself with so much misinformation in the community. 

Even well-meaning people trying to help can pose a potential risk.

We’re not suggesting that anyone or everyone is “out to get you.” The camaraderie and community emerging after Hurricane Ian as neighbors come together to rebuild is inspiring. Tradesmen and small companies with a genuine interest in providing services may have their hearts and intent in the right place. 

However, as a Fort Myers public adjuster does, they may need to be made aware of all the intricate details about settling hurricane damage claims. Roof damage claimsflood damage claimswater damage claimsmold damage claims – all parts of a hurricane damage claim processes are nuanced. 

Exceptional cases division for Fort Myers Hurricane Damage Claim Victims 

If you need clarification about the hurricane damage claim process, that’s understandable. Our experts at Fraser Property and Adjusting are here to help. We’ve set up a special division to provide information, answer questions, and assist you in navigating the hurricane insurance claims process. Call us today at 305-614-2851 to ask questions at no cost or obligation to you. 

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