Hurricane Ian Damage Claim Denied? You Have Rights, Here’s What to Do Next

Was your Hurricane Ian Damage Claim Denied? Are you frustrated and ready to give up after an insurance claim denial? Insurance companies will be more apt to deny these claims with the media attention off of the area. The damage is less obvious and more difficult to prove. 

You can appeal even if your insurance company denies your claim. 

For more information on what to do after the Insurance Company denies your Hurricane claim, we have compiled a thorough guide to appealing denied claims and a step-by-step guide for dealing with hurricane damage.

I just found damage caused by Hurricane Ian and wonder if your insurance company will even consider it. It’s typical to find additional damage caused by Hurricane Ian, including slow leaks from roofs, damage from a cracked foundation, sinkholes, flooding, and slow-growing mold. 

We have provided these tried and acceptable practices for submitting your claim up to several years after the event. 

Here’s what you can expect when submitting a hurricane damage claim:

In cases where your Insurance Company denies your initial insurance damage claim, you can expect a formal letter from your Insurance Company denying your claim. The Insurance Company writes its notice in legalese, informing you of your rights. 

You may have built a great relationship with the insurance company’s adjuster you worked with. You believed that they did everything possible to settle your claim fairly and maximize the amount within their capability. Remember, the claims adjuster is an insurance company employee who must adhere to specific rules and criteria to safeguard the company’s assets.

On the contrary, your Public Adjuster works for you and advocates on your behalf. Public Adjusters empower you to claim the maximum settlement you are legally entitled to.

Your insurance company’s adjuster still works for the insurance company. They must follow the company’s rules, guidelines, and rubrics. Reputable insurance companies may offer payouts within reasonable and legally acceptable limits. However, it is essential to remember that you may be entitled to more than what the Insurance Company initially presented. That means there are other ways to present and approach the claim where you are entitled to more under the laws and regulations

A public adjuster works for you the same way that a lawyer does. You do not have to accept what is offered to you by the other side. A public insurance adjuster is a licensed professional who knows the laws and works for you, not the insurance company. You don’t pay us until we’ve successfully fought for your insurance claim settlement.

Navigating the appeal process

The insurance claim appeal process requires that you follow the process and guidelines of the letter. You’ll have a limited amount of time to follow the process. The clock begins ticking when the insurance company denies your claim and mails the letter. This window can be up to a year or more after your initial denial. 

During this appeal process, you’ll gather as much documentation and supporting evidence as possible to support your claim as valid. These insurance companies have very stringent yet clearly outlined rubrics and charts that they must use to help their findings. How you present your information is essential to the outcome of your hurricane damage claim. We can win an appeal even after your Insurance Company denies it. 

Water damage claimsfire damage claimsmold damage claimsflood damage claimsroof leaks damage claimsvandalism damage claims, and loss of business income damage claims all follow the same general guidelines. However, they are all uniquely different types of claims.

At Fraser, we aim to educate the members of our community in the wake of Ian. You must be your advocate in the wake of the storm. 

Exceptional cases division for Hurricane Ian Damage Claim Victims 

If the process confuses you, that’s understandable. Our experts at Fraser Property and Adjusting are here to help. We’ve set up a special division to provide immediate information. We’ll answer questions and assist you in navigating the hurricane insurance claims process, regardless of whether or not you decide to hire us. 

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